Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ultimate Dragon Canes

Earlier this year we finally got our hands on the elusive and rare dragon rattan material so we can finally offer them for the first time to caning aficionados in US & Canada.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with dragon canes...they are simply the best rattan for canes.  Typical rattan canes are made out of kooboo rattan which was commonly used to make school canes in England and the colonies.  Kooboo is a versatile rattan which is available with less restrictions from the exporting countries and makes for a excellent material for canes.

Dragon Cane on the other hand is very rare these days and what makes this rattan the best material for canes is its density and the spacing between nodes. They leave the most prominent stripes on a punished bottom.

We decided to make a dragon cane unlike any other dragon cane and the idea for an ultimate dragon cane was born.  We soak and treat our dragon rattan in linseed oil for 3-4 weeks for it to absorb the oil and keep supple and flexible while adding some weight.  Then we seal and put on a glossy finish with high grade polyurethane gel.  Finally we finish these canes by wrapping them in supple kangaroo leather or luxurious top grain leather.

Our Ultimate Dragons come in 4 variations (The Contessa, The Duchesse, The Tsarina and The Imperatrice) and they are truly the best dragon canes money can buy.

Here are few pics of our Ultimate Dragon Canes.

La Institutrice Dragon School Canes

A traditional English School Cane is a thing of beauty and personifies the very essence of caning.  Typical School Canes were made out of kooboo rattan and were the implements of correction in schools in England and around in the colonies.  A traditional six of the best with a school cane was the most feared punishment and kept the pupils in line and behaving.

When we created our standard kooboo school canes , we wanted to create something more and that lead to the creation of our premium kooboo school canes which are treated in linseed oil and keeps its flexibility and whippiness for years without having to be hydrated.

And then came our dragon canes when we finally got hold of supplies of dragon cane.  Dragon Cane is a thing of beauty and anyone in the caning scene know they are the queen of rattan canes with its characteristic stiffness and density and the long node spacing.  So it is only appropriate we added Dragon School Canes to our selection and  La Institutrice Canes were the end result,

We have the La Institutrice in 4 different thicknesses (ranging from 7-8mm to 11-12mm). With the unmistakeable crook handles characteristic of the English School Cane, these dragon school canes come in generous lengths ranging from 90-95 cms (for people looking for good whipping length) and they leave quite an impression on the recipient bottom with the distinct stripes of a dragon cane.

Have a look at the pics and decide for yourself.